CocoaNotes is a multi platform rich text editor that stores notes in folders. Store all notes and folders using iCloud and access them on all your Apple devices, or choose to store notes only on one device without iCloud.


Synchronize your notes via iCloud and edit them on all your Apple devices. CocoaNotes supports Mac OS X, iPhone and iPad.

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Create folders and drag and drop notes between them. You can assign colours to folders to help identify their purpose.

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Manage text styles and apply them to text to quickly format your document. Styles are shared by all your notes and are synchronized between iCloud devices.

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iCloud. CocoaNotes on all your devices.

Synchronize your notes, folders and formats between all your devices. CocoaNotes supports Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, iPad and iPhones running iOS7.

CocoaNotes uses Apple's iCloud document based synchronization, a huge advantage when compared to existing iCloud enabled text entry apps available today.

Folders. Get organized.

Manage notes in a tree like fashion that makes sense to you. Rearrange folders and watch as the order is reflected on other devices using iCloud. Choose from 8 different folder colours that help you identify the folders content.

Formatting. Checkmate.

Text styles also known as formats, can be applied to text. Formats added on Mac OS X are synchronized to all your iCloud devices including iPhone and iPad.

Simply Fun.

CocoaNotes runs on iOS7 and OSX Mavericks and utilizes many of their fun features. Watch as interface elements change colour dependant on where you are in the app. CocoaNotes for iOS was designed using the latest guidelines and appeals as a modern application. CocoaNotes uses many built in iOS features like Siri text dictation and spell checking to help you write notes.




Mac OS X.